Glass Fiber Reinforced Resin Roof Sheet

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Differences between PVC roof sheet , UPVC roof sheet and Glass Fiber Reinforced roof sheet ?

1. PVC roof sheet
Excellent sound and heat insulation with competitive price. Under the direct sunlight, the color will be faded gradually over time and its lifetime is 20 years.

2. PMMA coated UPVC roof sheet

After being coated with PMMA on the surface of PVC, the Corrugated Curved Roof Sheets will become more Anti-aging for resisting the sunlight. It could be guaranteed that the PVC + PMMA sheets keep do not fade for over 20 years and its lifetime is 50 years.

3. Glass fiber reinforced roof sheet

This material is named Glass Fiber Reinforced Resin sheet, which is patent of our company. In China, only available in JIELI ROOF.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Resin Roof Sheet

The test shows that under the same conditions of material, shape, weather, the Glass Fiber Reiforced Resin sheets could raise 50% on Impact Resistant, 82% on tensile strength, 75% on anti-bending performance. And comparing with the normal synthetic resin sheet, the Purlin distance of Glass Fiber Reiforced Sythetic Resin could be enlarged 50% on the same slope of room.


As the strongest product of all Jieli roof sheet, Glass Fiber Reinforced Roof Sheet is widely used in Villa and buildings that need high standard of impact resistance.



• Environment friendly and energy saving
• Color lasting
• Load bearing
• Sound absorption and heat insulation
• Stable volume
• Corrosion resistance
• Good water resistance
• Impact resistance and low temperature resistance
• Light weight
• Difficult to be burned



the features of Glass Fiber Reinforced Resin Roof Sheet



Available in all standard and custom colors, such as Brick red, Grey, Blue, Green, Black etc.