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As the leading supplier of roofing tiles since 1992, with 20 production lines and using advanced co-extrusion technology, we have produced a complete range of excellent JELI Synthetic resin roof tiles, UPVC roof sheet and Glass fiber reinforced roof tile.

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Roofing Tiles production line ranked NO.1 in china

Top 3 roofing tile exporter in China

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What machine do you use to cut the roof and install the screws?
How to install the roof?
What color can you produce?
What is the temperature limited of the environment that your roof can be used?
Take a few minutes having a look at our “How To”. Let our experience spare you from common mistakes.

Regarding how to choose a suitable roofing material for your projects or house buildings, you don't have to be a expert, our professional and pertinent suggestions will help you get the whole picture of total solution.

Customer Review

It is really like what you said, I am lucky to choose JIELI roof panels.

Mr. Regis Pandolfo from Chile

Jessie, thank you for your support, our customers like these panels very much.

Mr. Tommy Bexar from Switzerland

Now I know well about the profit of these tiles, the room keep cool and no noise when rain and wind heavily

Mr. Josué CAZELIF from Puerto Rico

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